Thursday, September 4, 2008

Telling the Secret

So once a quarter, the dealership I work for (Rene Isip Toyota of Lewisville) puts on an Employee Appreciation Rally.  This is a time where Rene shows the employees that he appreciates their hard work by handing out cash, prizes, trips, etc.  The entire dealership is in attendance.  

Well yesterday, Rene was giving away a digital photo frame.  I was yelling really loud that I wanted it, so he told me to come on up and get it.  Once I got up there he told the audience there's a reason that Courtney's going to need this soon.  He handed me the microphone and said "tell them your news."  I was put on the spot.  Oh my gosh, what was I supposed to do?  I told myself, here is goes.  Now the whole dealership will know and the rumors won't be flying around.  I said it "I'm Expecting."  It felt so good to proclaim it to the "world" per say.  I wouldn't recommend it to everyone.

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