Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Telling the Folks"

Last weekend, Jordan and I went to see our families to share the good news about the pregnancy.  The day that we found out that I was pregnant, I had decided that we had to come up with some cool ways to let our family know that we were expecting.  I had actually starting thinking about ways days before, being that I have Type A personality and I wanted to be prepared for the day.

So we had decided on the following ways to tell the following people:

  • Marty & Alyson (Jordan's parents), my grandparents: I had put a scrapbook together (I'm not a big scrapbooker, but this is what I came up with that was quick and easy)of our Cabo trip.  So the entire scrapbook was of the trip until the last page.   Tadah....the last page was a page that had our picture with the pregnancy test underneath saying "We're Expecting."  
  • Jimmy & Stacey (my parents): I put together a house plan that had a question of "Do you have room for another grandchild" on it.  We gave it to my parents because they need to build a house to have room for all of our when we're all together.  My parents thought it was so funny.
  • Nana (my great grandmother): We went and bought her cupcakes (she loves sweets) and put baby things on top of them.  I told her we were there to celebrate and event and she got it.  She is so excited.
  • Deb and Rene (my aunt & uncle): Needless to say, my aunt loves to shop at Neimans.  So I went to Neimans and bought a boy and girl outfit and sent it to their house.  The card said "Would you rather us have a boy or girl?"  Oh yeah, the other side said "Rene, thanks for the Cabo trip.  (lol)"
Of course we told everyone else via email or called them.  It was so exciting to let everyone know.  It's great to know that we have such a supportive family.  God has truly blessed our lives with this pregnancy and all the other things that we have (love, faith, each other).

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