Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Darn Insurance Companies

I had to vent about working with insurance companies, so I thought what better place than my blog.  

Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I get a curve ball thrown at me.  So before Jordan and I decided to get pregnant, I checked my insurance company and did a lot of research on which doctor and hospital would be best for me having diabetes.  I got with my endocrinologist and got a OBGYN referral and then talked to a few friends and got other referrals.  So with all the doctors names, I researched for weeks and decided to go with the one that my endo recommended.  He works directly with her and works in the same hospital, so I thought how convenient.  Therefore, I went with Dr. Ann Lutich that works at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.  I checked my insurance company, and both the doctor and hospital were on the list.  I was good to go.

Well last week, I went to check and make sure Presby Dallas was still good to go.   To my dismay they are no longer listed under my PPO.  WOW!!!  I was shocked.  How could this be?  I have spoken to representatives from the insurance company, Presby, Dr.'s office, and they tell me they are in negotiations with my insurance company to see if they are going to cover my insurance.  I didn't know they could change people's coverage just like that.

So with that information, I am at a stand still.  I have found another doctor that I can go to, but I want to stay with the one I started since that was my first choice for doctor and hospital.  I was informed today that it may be another 30 days before they know for sure.  

So I'm in limbo.  What do I do????? 

I will keep you posted on how the insurance drama goes.

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