Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to Presby

So everybody that reads the blog is going to think I've gone nuts since the pregnancy.

We're back to Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas for the birth of our child and back to the original OB.

When we went to the new OB in Frisco, we were asking questions about the hospital and how everything works with their office.  I asked her if there was an endocronologist on staff at the hospital or one they referred to when a diabetic mother was having a baby.  She stated that they use a general practioner for their diabetic patients.  I got really worried about that, so I called my endo now and asked them what they thought about this.  Their response "that's not good...that's not going to work."  Well great.  What was I going to do now?

So I went back online to check and see if Presby Dallas had bee put back on our insurance since the negotiations should be over by now.  To my surprise they are back on there with all the other Presby Hospitals.  At that point, I knew that my original plan was the right one from the start. 

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Jessica Hewitt said...

LOL! You're totally not nuts. (But if you were, it would be completely acceptable during pregnancy.) :-) I was wondering about you being at Baylor in Frisco, but figured you would check everything out. My doctor delivers there and also at Presby Plano, but I opted Presby b/c the Frisco hospital doesn't have Neonatal or a staff Anestheologist (sp?). Anyway, I'm glad you'll be at Presby and that you're confident about your decision. :-)