Monday, July 26, 2010


We were sitting around the house this weekend bored, so I thought it would be great to run by Home Goods and ToysRUs just to get out of the house. The Home Goods was for me and ToysRUs was for Miss Addison.

When we got to ToysRUs, Addison had a sensory overload. She was overwhelmed by all of the toys. She was so excited. She wanted to touch everything. Jordan was trying to keep her out of things, and I was just letting her go. She had the best time. She found the balls in the center isle and would throw it down the isle and chase after it. This is one store that kids get to be kids.

We stopped by the tricycles, bicycles, and motorized cars. She thought she needed to get every single one of them.

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Team Davis said...

lol Eli was the same sensory overload when we went a few weeks ago! So fun!