Thursday, July 30, 2009

Milestone: Turning Over

Deb - I think she has Jordan's eyes now

Church dress

Another milestone has occurred it Addison's life.....she turned over 2 times in a row. Whooooa!

I was down on her pallet with her playing and stopped playing with her for about 2 minutes to watch the Ranger game, and she turned over while we weren't looking. Little toot. Since we didn't see it, I put her back on her belly and she did it again. I tried to see if she would do it a 3rd time, because we didn't get it on camera the other times. Of course, when the camera comes out she hides and gets shy. She had already turned over once in her crib last Friday, but this was the first time she had repeated it.

She is getting so strong; being able to turn over and life her head so high. She's almost able to really control her head when I'm holding her. Her head just gets tired after awhile and she lays it down on my shoulder (which I love). She grasp on to things with the mightiest grip.

She is the most precious thing. Jordan and I are really starting to enjoy her personality. She has the cutest little grin (one day we'll get it on camera).

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