Thursday, November 13, 2008


I am so excited about Christmas!  This time of year with Thanksgiving and Christmas just brings a happiness to my heart and makes me filled with joy for life.  I'm working on trying to be that way the entire year.  

So with the holidays around the corner, I told Jordan that it might be smart to go ahead and put our Christmas lights up on the house.'s not because I'm so excited about Christmas.  I thought it would probably be a good idea since my belly's not getting any smaller and the weather is not going to get any better.  

So this past weekend, Jordan and I put our Christmas lights on the house.  You should have seen our neighbors faces.  We had quite a few of them make comments and ask what were we thinking.  Jordan knows how much I love to have the white lights outline the roof of the house, so he bravely climbed the ladder.  I love you honey!!!

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