Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sharing.....a cold

The concentration look

She loves the slide

On Thursday Addison decided to start getting a cold. As soon as I noticed that she was getting a cold, we checked to see what the policy was at MDO about colds. Well, it's pretty clear...any sign of a cold they are not to come. So she missed MDO on Friday (only the 2nd day).

If you have children you know, once one person gets sick it seems to spread. Friday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat, and then on Saturday Jordan started getting sick. So our Labor Day weekend consisted of everyone staying close to the house and getting over colds, which we're all still battling. Since I'm pregnant and Addison is so little there isn't a lot that we can take. I can only imagine what this winter is going to bring with a little one. I'm so glad that Addison doesn't go to daycare, because it could be a lot more frequent.

I was so excited about Labor Day weekend and all of the cool stuff we could have done but we stuck mainly to the park in the neighborhood. I snapped a few shots. Addison is really starting to want to climb on everything, especially the foot of her daddy's recliner.

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