Monday, April 12, 2010

Headed East

This past weekend, we loaded up the car and headed to New Boston. Amanda Cox (friend thru HS & college and then college roommate) had her hometown shower. It was a perfect excuse for us to go see my family. Before we left on Thursday, Addison started getting a cough and runny nose. I just knew we had strep again, but nope we're good. She just has allergies and a cold. Lovely. Allergies and going to New Boston with lots of pine trees and sap. Not a good combination.
On our way to Nana's
Addison, me, and Nana (Addison's great-great grandmother)
Goofy grin
Nana let Addison ride on her walker down the hallway
Nana had to go show Addison off to all of her friends

Sunday after lunch - Jordan, Addison, and Grandaddy
Addison & William
One day she'll be able to stay up with him

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Kellie said...

I love the pictures of Addison and your Nana. Especially the one of her riding on the walker! PRECIOUS! You just can't have too many pictures of family...