Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finishing out the weekend

After we got back from the MS walk, I decided that we needed to do some yard work. Jordan and I have always wanted to make the flower beds around our trees in the front yard smaller, so we took on that feat. I don't know if we knew exactly what we were getting into. My mom and I were very sore on Monday. So we got the flowers beds moved and some plants planted just in time for spring/summer. I love the new flower beds! Thanks Mom for all of your help! I have to say, you're in really good shape. Addison just loved being outside and playing in her wagon (confinement). Grandaddy and Papa - I think she's ready for her first motorcycle ride.

On to Sunday. We finally finished the yard, and then at 4:00p we had 1st Birthday pictures for Addison in Frisco. So we got her all ready and packed up the car and headed to Frisco to meet Kellie ( Addison did well for about 20 minutes and then she had enough of that.

Whew. Thanks to Jordan and my mom we were able to get all of that accomplished. I feel so blessed to have such a loving, caring family.

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Ashley said...

Your flower beds do look great! Nothing like a little motivation to get Keith and I going on ours! That Addison is just to precious. Always with a smile on her face!!