Thursday, February 19, 2009

30 Weeks

Yesterday, I had two doctors appointments to see how everything is going with the pregnancy and diabetes.

Jordan went with me to the OB.  The OB measured my belly and I'm right at 30 weeks, right on time.  The due date is still April 30th.  We also got to hear Miss Addison's little heart beat.  Everything checked out great.  Jordan asked her what the likely hood would be for me to go before my due date due to the diabetes.  She said they will try and go full term but nothing over, mostly likely around 39 weeks if possible.  She told us that diabetic babies lungs do not mature as fast, so the longer they can keep her in there without causing a risk of overweight, etc. then they will keep her in there.  Jordan and I are so excited that the pregnancy is going as well as it is.

Then I went to the Endocronologist by myself.  We've been talking a lot via phone since my last appointment, so we didn't make any changes.  I've had to make a few changes in my insulin amounts due to the fact that my body is becoming insulin resistant later in the pregnancy.  

We'll go back on March 3rd to see all the doctors (sonogram again, yipee!).

God has truly blessed this pregnancy and had his hand on me the entire time.  

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