Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As you can see above, we're going to be having a baby girl come April 30th. We are so excited.

I want to give everyone a short background on how crazy it is that we're having a little girl. From the minute we announced that we were expecting, we must have had 90% of those people tell us that we're going to have a boy. I was told all kinds of reasons...the way you carrying the baby, just because, the Chinese calendar, etc. I thought to myself, I bet it's a boy but maybe there is a small chance that it's a girl. Who know, right?

We had our perintal appointment on Tuesday at 9:00a. I had had dreams all night long that we were expecting a boy. Jordan and I sat in the room waiting on the doctor in anticipation. He started the sonogram and measuring the baby and making sure that everything was growing properly. He asked us if we wanted to know and quickly, Jordan responded "YES." He then asked what we thought it was and Jordan said a boy. A few seconds later, the doctor told us "Well, you're going to have a daughter." Oh wow. Jordan just had this huge grin on his face. It's the biggest smile I've ever seen.

My family on my father's side has not had a baby girl in the family in 26 years (yes, that was me). Needless to say, my family was ready to buy some pink. I find it amazing that I would be the one that would have the girl. My family is elated, as is the Griffin family.

We want to thank everyone that has continues to pray for our family. Our lives continued to be blessed. God is so gracious and loving.

(We're working on a little girl's name, and we'll let everyone know as soon as we figure it out)


Tammy said...

Congratulations Jordan and Courtney!! A Chi-O legacy!!
How exciting!

Jessica Hewitt said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I was just thinking yesterday that you should be finding out soon. I'm so excited for you guys. Girls are so much fun!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! That is exciting news!