Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daddy & Me

Every night now, Addison wants to sit in her daddy's lap. She runs up to his chair and raises her arms and waits for him to pick her up. As soon as she gets up there, she finds the remote and raises it up so he can see it and says "uhhh." Uhhhh translated means, please turn to Nick Jr and not sports. Jordan, being the good daddy he is, kindly changes the channel. Once Nick Jr is on they are either snuggled up together or he's letting her jump up and down on the chair to the music. Watching this every night truly melts my heart. Tears come to my eyes every time. Thank you Jordan for being such a fun-loving father to Addison. She thinks you hung the moon.

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danielle said...

oh my gosh Mr.Griffin your daughters are so cute and i like this picture and the summary . My little brother says "uh oh" when he falls or drops something and i hope you have a nice time at your new job and dont forget to email me !!! :)
dani ward