Monday, February 8, 2010

Flu, 50th Birthday

So the last 5 days in the Griffin household have been so tons of fun, let me tell ya. I've been sick since Wednesday last week with the flu. I haven't been sick in so long, so I forgot how much it really does suck (especially with a little one). I slept for hours and hours. Poor Jordan kept up with Addison while I slept. Thanks babe for your dedication. Through sickness and health, right?

Since I was sick all weekend, we missed my Dad's 50th Birthday party. Sorry Dad! We really wanted to be there. I hope you enjoyed your birthday! I put together a slide show of my dad for the party, and I thought I'd share a picture of him with everyone. I just love it. Love you Dad and may all your birthday wishes come true!


Jennifer said...

Holy cow, it looks like he's holding Addison! Hope you're feeling better!

Kellie said...

OH MY GOSH! I can't believe how Addison looks JUST LIKE YOU.

Ashley said...

Wow, Courtney! Addison looks so much like you! What a neat picture to look back on. I hope you are feeling better!