Monday, May 5, 2008

BLHS Auction

Francine, Rene, Michelle
Ryan and Maegan
Rene and Deborah
On April 5th, Jordan and I were asked to go to the Bishop Lynch Scholarship Auction by my uncle and boss, Rene.  

Before we went to this event, there was an ordeal about what the attire was for the event.  The invitation said that it was Texas Tuxedo.  Well us girls didn't know if that meant a dress or jeans.  We were all confused, so we finally all decided that we could not go wrong with a dress.  Of course,  the guys got to wear jean, boot, and a sports jacket. As you can see in the pictures, we all looked presentable for the event.

One of the auction items up for bid was a trip to Cabo San Lucas.  I was strongly encouraging Rene to bid on it, so I could go.  I told him it could be my appreciation bonus.  Much to my surprise, he bid on the trip and got it.  Before we left for the evening, he gave Jordan and I the packet and said enjoy.  YIPEE!!!  So we are set to go to Cabo in August.  Jordan and I can't wait.  (Thanks a bunch Rene)

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