Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun In The Sun

What a weekend!!!  My mom and nephew came to Dallas for the weekend to hang out with Aunt Courtney and Uncle Jordan.  

William will be two in September and he is truly a handful.  He is nonstop and acts just like a boy - wanting to throw things, push things, etc.  You always had to watch him and to see what he was getting in to.  Jordan asked me if we could just have a kid and it be 4 when it was born.  LOL.  We kept him entertained on to our community pool and the playground.  As you can tell, he enjoyed it immensely.  He loves the water.  

He is such a loving child.  He is so sweet and well mannered.  My brother and sister in-law have done a great job with him.  He says please, thank you (he has to be reminded sometimes).  I keep telling my family that I know I'll have the bad kid since this one has been so good.  Williams personality is just full of love and fun.  He is always smiling and laughing and taking in the world around him.

Thank you Mom for bringing him to us for the weekend!

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